About Delphine


Delphine Lang is a Social Media Expert, Strategy Consultant, Trainer and Author from Brussels, Belgium. Her mission is to break with the traditional codes of social media marketing and transcend accepted ideas by making the art of managing social media presence accessible and comprehensible to all.

After a dozen of years of experience working for various renowned companies, such as advertisers and agencies that are within a wide variety of sectors, she decided in 2014 to explore her interest in the interactions between brands and people.

In 2016, she redefined the codes of social media marketing to enable businesses to respond to more sophisticated customer demand and make a difference at the organizational, individual and societal level. Her innovative approach, called The SocialKind® Approach, is paving the way for a new form of communication in tune with the times.

As of today, she promotes change by providing professionals with valuable information and guidance centered on gaining knowledge and developing new mindsets, attitudes and habits to be considerably more effective, more efficient and more responsive to changing environmental and societal realities.