The Socialkind Approach

Given the ever-increasing use of social media, companies have more means than ever to build privileged relationships with their customers. However, these days, the common approach is more about online presence to speak about oneself than engagement to act in the interest of all. Faced with consumers who expect much more than just fine words, this approach is today obsolete.

With millions of individuals around the world connecting every day, it is in companies’ best interests to use social media “differently”, more effectively and more creatively, if they want to avoid missing out on the innumerable riches, as yet unexplored and untapped, that social media has to offer.

This book gives you the full equipment you need to benefit both from a deep understanding of the need for change and from a comprehensive knowledge of the innovative strategic approach to adopt. You will succeed in positioning yourself as a valuable partner for your customers, who in turn will become valuable partners for you, which is unquestionably the absolute guarantee of the success and profitability of your activities.